Exercises to Boost Bone Health in 9 Everyday habits that weaken your bones

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9 Everyday habits that weaken your bones will help keep your bones strong and healthy as you already know bone is formed in our body when we are in childhood and this happens for 20 to 30 years but after 30 years bone formation decreases and due to this our bone mass decreases due to this conditions like osteoporosis increased risk. If you follow these steps you can easily prevent arthritis osteoporosis.

10 Everyday habits that weaken your bones

A sedentary lifestyle

In our today’s lifestyle, we have to do a lot of work and for that, we have to do walking, lifting weights, and jogging, as we have to do such work and the degeneration of the bones starts, so we will tell you how to make the bones equally strong. You never have to exercise less, you have to exercise as much as possible, it strengthens the bones of your body and you also have to take nutritious food so that there is no harm to your bones.

Inadequate calcium intake

We know how important the sun’s rays are for our body because it contains vitamin D and vitamin D is very important for health and also for bones and helps you to absorb calcium.

The American National Osteoporosis Organization has found that those under 50 ages need 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D daily and those over 50 ages need 800 to 1000 IU if they get more sun exposure then you should not worry but if rays are not available due to which vitamin D is not reaching you, then you should consult a doctor about vitamin D supplements and take more supplements.

If you are too lazy

If you want to make your bones strong, then exercise is very important in this because exercise makes your bones hard, leave the laziness and run and dance without showing lethargy, which will make your bones even stronger.


Smoking damages not only the lungs but also the bones. Hundreds of researchers have found that the risk of osteoporosis increases more than the activity of smoking, due to which a cell called osteoblast is produced in new bones and osteoclast which is involved in the activities of old bones. is found or both weaken the bones.

Alcohol and soda

If are you fond of drinking alcohol, then you will be very sad to know that alcohol is spoiling your body, by drinking it, the production hormone which the bones needed calcium is not available, and the person who drinks more, lacks bones.

Sodium overload

Sodium is found only in the salt you eat, and if you eat more sodium, then calcium comes out through urine for this reason there is a deficiency of calcium in your bones and bones start getting damaged, but your bones remain strong. That’s why you should eat less salt and should not eat foods with more salt.

Eating imbalanced diet

To make your bones stronger and denser, you need to eat good food so that your body remains alkaline, by doing this your bones will be strengthened, if your diet is high in fruits and vegetables, then their pH level will also be correct due to the correct pH level, the calcium deficiency that was happening will also stop. It will prevent your osteoporosis and ensure good.

Your sleeping pattern

Sleeping is very important for every human being. It is very important to sleep for 6 to 7 hours in this, no matter what work you are doing, without sleeping your health can deteriorate. Good new ideas about your work will come only when you sleep well.

Low magnesium intake

Magnesium has been found to be a very good mineral that increases our calcium metabolism and bones. If we eat more magnesium then our body will have good bone health a good source of magnesium is to include green vegetables, and all green food in your diet which is essential to this mineral.


Our article is only to provide information. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details.

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